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Transforming spaces with color and texture!



Faux wall finishes let you break the limits of ordinary wall paint, creating surfaces that glisten in light or look like old-fashioned plaster. With FauxFX by Kelley Spicer you can customize any wall! Choose from venetian plaster, customized stencils, boundless glazing techiques, and more!


Add dimension and special effects to a space sometimes forgotten through plaster techniques and glazing options.  Call FauxFx by Kelley Spicer to discuss texturizing your ceiling! 



Adding a custom skimstone overlay of any style or color is an alternative to tearing out your tile, Formica, and any other substrate for countertops. A skimstone overlay is very affordable and contends with the newest design styles.


Concrete overlays can modernize any fireplace. Any color or style can be created. These unique concrete applications can modernize your space and give you the focal point you want.


Due to the nature of the unevenness and cracks of concrete floors, a skimstone overlay is the easiest ways to liven up a space and mend unwanted blemishes. Skimstone overlays come in a variety of color and texture options.

Skimstone is a great product to lay over tile and concrete and get rid of grout lines.

Pillars and Columns

Faux FX by Kelley Spicer can match and repair an existing style or give you an updated look and feel!

Outdoor Living

Faux FX by Kelley Spicer creates beautiful concrete surfaces adding depth, updated color palette and unique designs.



Faux FX offers a variety of unique and professional-grade products to update your cabinets creating a beautiful space you will be proud to show off.


Faux FX can turn any existing wood banister into an updated color that will change the look of the whole room!


Is your door dull and fading or you just have a color you don’t want anymore? Faux FX refreshes the stain or can completely change the paint and add a glaze to enhance any wood door.


 Faux FX offers several options to refurbish your furniture from paint textures to glazes or even add a stencil. The ideas are limitless!

Our work gets noticed!

Recent Projects

Look who made the cover for the 2019 Street of Dreams magazine!

street of dreamsFor those familiar with NW Finishes work, it’s no surprise to see her work featured on the cover of the 2019 Street of Dreams magazine.

What you’re seeing is an accent wall created with a black Piatto Venetian plaster with a custom piece of art work by brush and trowel.


I am beyond satisfied. Kelley's work has transformed our home. Guests are always so impressed. She is thorough, efficient, creative, amazing attention to detail, an innovative trouble-shooter. She has a wealth and depth of knowledge of creative finishes. She follows up after project completion and addresses any concerns. She and her assistant have solid teamwork and are most enjoyable to work with.

— Suzanne, homeowner

Kelley has done four homes for me. Each and every time she has demonstrated a knack for looking at your colors and styles and bringing it all together with her voodoo magic . I highly recommend Kelley because she will make your life much better with her expertise and color and textures. You can’t put a price on this talent. Just enjoy it after she does.

— Brian Newsom, owner of DeWhitt Appliance

I have been working with Kelly Spicer and the team at Faux Fx for 21 years and am so thankful that we met in 1998. She and her team have created finishes 2/2 that never disappoint and their work is always the icing on the cake at all of my projects. I strongly recommend them for any project big or small!!

— Nancy Haskins, Designer for Renaissance Homes