Specialty Textures

Concept to Application

From concept to application NW Finishes works with homeowners ensuring their dream becomes reality. They offer custom decorative paint services and plaster finishes, specialty textures with exceptional quality for homeowners for both the interior and exterior surfaces of your home. They’ve got you covered!

Specialty textures is the catch-all name the industry gives to any texture that is different on a wall. Specialty textures can be Venetian Plaster, Glazed, Stenciled, Metallic, Foil, or combinations of all of them. You name it —NW Finishes can create it.

Texturized Walls

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Glaze texturiing


glaze and texture applied to wall

Glaze and Texture

metallic texture application

Milano Metallic Plaster

stencil application

Marmorino Piatto™ Stencil

stencil on plaster

Gold Stencil

stencil and foil application on a wall

Stencil and Foil

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are faux finishes still in style?

Yes!! Decorative finishes are constantly changing and evolving. Whether paint, metallics, or plasters, decorative finishes or stenciling have endless possibilities and can compliment most any design style. Let Kelley help you choose the right color, texture and sheen to work within your space.

How long will the finish last?

Dependent on the wear-and-tear of the space, it last longer than most cases because we only use professional-grade paints not available to most homeowners.

If I decide later to change, how easy is it to cover?

Super easy. You can texture or paint over any of these techniques.

What are the health benefits of Venetian Plaster?

Amazingly enough, people HAVE heard about the health benefits of Venetian Plaster. Read my blog and learn more!