Concrete Finishes

Lots of Options

Homeowners ask all the time, what’s are my options for updating my space? What NW Finishes offers is an alternative to a complete tear out — and most times is financially a very good option.

Concrete overlays are fairly new to artisan applicators, as myself. It’s versatile and really easy to apply and it’s something unique that you don’t just get it in any home. SkimStone® is a product that you can overlay over any concrete-based surface like the façade of a brick home, basement floors and fireplaces. In older homes where the concrete floors may be cracked and uneven, a concrete overlay is the perfect remodeling option.

Concrete Finishes

skimstone fireplace in the Street of Dreams


NW Finishes’s most popular remodels are homeowners fireplaces. Because the fireplace is usually the focal point of a room, homeowners get the most bang for their buck! We offer indoor and outdoor concrete overlays on fireplaces.

SkimStone on kitchen countertop

Kitchen Countertops

Want to update your kitchen? NW Finishes offers a cost-effective alternative to tearing out your tile, Formica, or granite kitchen countertops.

We offer a concrete SkimStone overlay in an array of colors. We can match most designs and is more reasonable then most countertop products with a hardy durability.

Concrete flooring on lake home

Concrete Floors and Outdoor Living

Applying SkimStone over existing concrete floors is not only easy to apply but very versatile, and it offers something unique because we can apply any color or texture the homeowner chooses.

In many older homes the floors are concrete, especially basements, and the floors are uneven and cracked. Homeowners don’t want to install tile or hardwood. SkimStone is the perfect product for its versatility AND its green!

brick refacing on home

Brick Refacing

Applying SkimStone to change the color of brick is the best thing since sliced bread. Homeowners no longer need to rip out their outdated brick. Warm it up with a stain or whitewash or NW Finishes can stain it to any color you choose!

One of Kelley’s favorite projects is to change brick to make it look like grunge or graffiti — like you’re an old part of town and you want to capture a picture. NW Finishes are great artists — you can even add a mural! 

Be bold. Be distinct.

Why not! Update a space and draw attention where you want it.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often does concrete need to be sealed?

Once a year.

Will there be a big mess?

The great thing about skim stone is that there is no sanding, or plaster dust. It is a water-based solution.

Will you color match a stain?

Yes, we’re expert color matches and will not start a project until you have approved the color.