Wood Restoration

Changing Your Wood is Good

Don’t want to spend a fortune on ripping out your wood kitchen cabinets, or changing the wood moulding throughout your house? Modernize your wood cabinets with a fresh look. NW Finishes offers a variety of unique and professional-grade products to turn a wood surface into a beautiful space you will be proud to show off.

Our collaboration with homeowners and your desired look will preserve your existing wood elements while giving the space a new feel and look. NW Finishes can paint, antique, glaze, add texture or a stencil and wood surface to give you the look you want.

Kitchen Cabinets

The trend is to modernize the dark woods in kitchens with an antique-white finish. NW Finishes’s most popular furniture to refinish or restore is kitchen cabinets. We can paint all your wood cabinets, wood banisters, and wood moulding to give your kitchen a makeover or a living space a new look.

restore wood doors

Wood Doors

Are your wood doors dull and fading or do you just have a stain you don’t like? NW Finishes can change any wood door by refreshing the stain or completely changing the paint and adding a glaze to enhance it.

Changing out your wood doors in a home can change the look of an entire room. NW Finishes not only can refinish, but can embellish any wood door with cool hardware. The sky’s the limit when you hire NW Finishes for a refinishing project — without the costs if you were to replace with a solid wood door.

coffee table restored

Wood Furniture

Tired of your space because a piece of wood furniture is just the wrong stain or color? Don’t get rid of it — restore with a new color, stain, or technique! NW Finishes offers several options to give any wood furniture piece a new look from paint texture or glaze. We can even add a stencil. Ideas are limitless with NW Finishes!

painted banisters in home

Wood Banisters

NW Finishes can turn any existing wood banister into an updated color and it will change the look of the whole room!

We use only the finest products!


Finishing Touches

Let NW Finishes breathe new life into worn-out spaces.

Frequently Asked Questions

How toxic is the products you use?

Depends upon the product for the project. Some are water based and some are an oil based. NW Finishes try and do the less odor application in homes.

Do you offer a heat-resistant stain?

The great thing about skim stone is that there is no sanding, or plaster dust. It is a water-based solution.

Will you color match a stain?

Yes, we’re expert color matches and will not start a project until you have approved the color.