Let’s talk Venetian Plaster, also known as Italian Lime Plaster — a HEALTHY and elegant interior-exterior wall and ceiling finish that has been time tested for centuries!

People are becoming more and more aware that the choices of products we use around the home, products we put on our body matter to the overall well-being of our health. I bet you never knew that by choosing to use Venetian Plaster not only is a beautiful finish choice but it’s also a healthy choice!

Natural health benefits of Venetian Plaster:

  • The surface will not allow mold or mildew growth
  • Venetian Plaster eliminates growth of airborne allergy mircoorganism
  • Venetian Plaster allows walls to breathe, improving indoor air quality
  • Venetian Plaster ages gracefully and improves over time
  • LEED certified 0-VOC’s

Within the Firomlux family of Venetian Plasters Faux Fx offers three collections: Marmorino, Grassello, and Intonaco. Call Kelley Spicer to learn which finish will give you the elegance you want for your health and beauty!